Little Baby Everything In My New Manic Street Preacheresque Coat

I gave myself a promise this year that I would radically buy less clothes this year as I've got tonnes of it and not very much space since Mike and I live in a small studio flat. So instead I'm going to re-discover my wardrobe and also do a lot of alternation to clothes I already own instead of wasting money on something I think I might like and that never end up being worn.

But right before the new year Mike bought me a couple of things from New Look that I loved and knew would become firm favourites of mine. He called it a getting better present since I was in hospital and needed a little cheering up. He is so sweet to me and he has been the best support while I've been in hospital.

Picture from Pintrest

I've been a huge fan of Manic Street Preachers since I was 17. Their glamorous style always was something I loved, but never dared to adopt living in Norway. So now at the age of 41 and a half(it's important with the half!!!:D) I'm finally the proud owner of a Manics coat!!!! And I love it! It's so warm and nice for these very cold days we have in England at the moment. Since I got it, I've been living in it.

I love it that it's more of a Lynx fake fur coat than a more a typical leopard print one as it makes it stand out more and makes it a bit more interesting.

I love that winter coats have a lot of room in them so I chose size 28 when I bought this to not get any trouble closing it over my big boobs.  It's roomy and I have enough room for a jumper inside as well in case it gets really cold.

I'm also wearing another sale find from New Look. This beautiful ruby red velvet peplum top. It's a stunning top that I know I will be wearing with jeans, skirts, leggings or as in these photos a pair of trousers with leather sides that is some old, but treasured trousers from my wardrobe. I love the long peplum and the v-neck. It's a size 24 and it's a perfect fit.

Pockets on coats are very important for me as I love having somewhere to stick my hands in case it gets cold and I don't wear any gloves, or even a place to put them if gloves aren't keeping your hands warm enough. This coat has generous pockets, although not that deep. But they are sufficient to keep your hands nice and warm.

This coat is super cosy thanks to the big collar it has. It's not oversized collar, but still great to close around your neck if you get cold and want to be super snug.

The coat closes with popper buttons which is the only thing I don't like about this coat. I mean I don't mind the poppers, I just wish a couple of more of them. It's only one row of two of them, so it's very easy to undo it, also accidentally. It would have been better if it had been a couple of more buttons. I might solve this by adding some myself as I can see myself be wearing this quite a lot in the years to come.

Fake Fur Coat from New Look (here, on sale)
Top from New Look (here, on sale)
Trousers from Wallis (Old, review HERE)
Shoes from Simply Be (old)
Glasses from Love Moschino via Specsavers (here)

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  1. That coat is absolutely gorgeous on you! You can never go wrong with a good faux fur coat. The Manics just bought my Auntie's house to turn into a studio, how cool is that?! xx