My Holiday Outfits, Or The Lack Of Them!

Whilst on my travels in Spain the last 10 weeks I've only worn a fragment of all the clothes I brought with me. Since we were driving down there I had the chance to bring so much more than I would normally do on a weeks or two weeks holiday so I brought no less than 25 dresses with me. In addition to this several pair of shorts, t-shirts, tops, skirts, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, hair flowers and so on, so needless to say I haven't been lacking things to wear. I have also been shopping a little bit while out here so all in all I have got so much clothes, shoes and accessories to bring back to UK. It's quite crazy really considering we have had washing machine in all the places we have stayed in.

In this blogpost I thought I would show you some of the outfits I've worn whilst I've been away. Although I must admit that most of my time was spent in swimwear and beach cover ups like these so nothing too exciting to show off.

But when we went out exploring around Spain or doing something special I actually made a bit of an effort and put something nice on.  I've noticed I've been wearing different kind of styles throughout the last few weeks. All from edgy to super feminine.  I should have thought before I left that it would be way too hot to use all my pin up style dresses. They have too thick fabric to wear so I've opted for lighter maxi dresses or shorter summer dresses. I'm getting more and more in love with wearing shorts as well, so they have been firm favourite. Note to myself is to get more shorts for my next holiday!!! I have also bought quite a lot of different sunglasses as you can see!!!

Well I will let the photos do the rest of the talking and please let me know what outfit you liked the most.

Not bad sunglasses for one euro!!!

Old dress from Topsy Curvy

My favourite Scarlett&Jo dress which is great for sightseeing.

Lady V London and Vixen Curves for a birthday party

Lindy Bop and Dorothy Perkins makes a nice combination for a cooler night. 

Lady V London lovely design

Found this skirt in C&A for 3 euros so teamed it with a simple t-shirt from New Look

New Look t-shirt, ASOS shorts, Modcloth Sunglasses and Evans shoes

Lovely maxi dress that I bought at C&A. I'm going to do a review of this dress in  a later post. 

Love this outfit. Skirt from Everything 5 Pounds, top and shoes from Primark and my lovely sloth necklace I got from Leah for my birthday 

When it's too warm to wear anything you chose cool cotton. Old top from New Look and skirt is a very old dress from Zizzi

Cow t-shirt I bought in Guadalest cause I love cows of course!!! 

Lovely velour from Pink Clove

Going back to my late teens/early 20s in this 90s edgy and bold look 

Cute style from Cow Cow

An Old Favourite From Taking Shape

Back to the 90s again!!! 

This dress was the first thing I ever reviewed as a blogger and I still love it so much. One of my very favourites!!!

I guess you can say I have worn my usual style, which a colourful mix of retro and new things. When people ask me to describe my style I can't as I haven't got a particular one. I wear what I like and therefore creating my very own Mookie style. 

What outfit did you like the best? 


  1. So many lovely choices! I think my favourite is the black and white skirt from Everything 5 Pounds - that was a great find. I always go into C&A when I'm on holiday too - I miss them over here in the UK :-( xxx

  2. Ohh Mookie you beautiful thing!

    I do that on holiday, pack the world and wear 1 dress and a bikini the whole time - guess it's just how it's going to be forever!

    C xx

  3. That red velvet dress is my favourite, you look stunning in it! xx