An Autumn Struggle! Wide Calf Boots With Wide Calf Boot Store.

With autumn the need for putting on boots becomes inevitable as it gets cooler and you don't want to have cold toes! But for some of us it's not as easy as just going to the shop and buying a new pair of boots. I'm talking of people that has bigger calves than most. I remember when I was younger, how much I envied people's boots cause they looked so stylish and elegant. I didn't own a pair of boots until I was in my 30's because of this as I couldn't find wide fitting boots in Norway. I tried on a few pairs of wide fitting calf boots when I visited London, but despite the boots claiming to be for chunkier calves they still didn't fit. I have quite toned legs for a fatty, but I have lots of muscles in my calves and they make it difficult to find something that fits. 

When I was contacted by a company called Etrias where they asked if I wanted to review some boots from their online store, Wide Calf Boot Store, the size issue was my first thought. In the email from them, they told me that they had wider calf boots, but still so I had to take a look at their website to see if they did wide enough ones for me. They do wide calf boots, extra wide calf boots and also cater for slim calf as well which I think is very good. I saw that they had boots from JJ Footwear which I had tried products from before, and knew fitted well. They also had boots from a company that also specialises in footwear for wider calves, Jilsen. I have heard so much nice about boots from them so I was very excited to try some myself. 

I looked at all the measurements, and used the measurement calculator  on the Etrias website very carefully and found that with my 19.5 inch calves would need a pair of boots in size 6.5 XXL. I looked at all the different boots I could chose from, but the first ones I saw was actually the ones I ended up choosing. 

These stunning Jaden* boots in the colour Chestnut. 

Aren't they gorgeous? I loved them as soon as I saw them, but I looked through the rest of all the stunning boots that are on the website. They have such a great range of high quality boots in all kind of designs and colours. You're bound to find some that fits your style and your price range.

I love the gorgeous detail on the outside of the boot with the gold coloured fake zip and the button. The colour is beautiful and I adore the darker shaded toe.

Jacket from New Look (sold out)
Top from Dorothy Perkins (here)
Skirt from New Look (sold out)
Tights from Primark
Boots from Wide Calf Boots Store (here)*

These calf fitting is spot on and the zip went up with no problem. As you can see in the photo, I've even got a bit of room to spare which will be great for colder weather and wearing jeans or leggings inside them. 

When I put the boots on they felt a bit tight over the foot. This is something I think is quite common with leather boots. They need to be worn in before they get really comfortable. I will use some thick socks in them and wear them around the house to walk them in. I've had leather shoes before that has been tight on my foot to begin with, for so to become the most comfortable shoes there is.

The heel is very sturdy and practical. This boot is stylish and elegant and I can see myself wearing it with lots of different outfits.

Every year when the summer is over, I'm sad to say goodbye to cute ballerina shoes and sandals, but as soon as I get a pair of boots on, I remember how much fun it is to wear more clothes in the cooler seasons. And when you can find such sexy and beautiful boots like these it just make my autumn wardrobe that much easier to put together.

What are your experiences with wider calves and boots? Tell me in the comment section as I would love to hear about it.

* gifted item, but all views are my own.


  1. Mookie those boots are gorgeous! Love the gold zip detailing - I may need to check these out myself!

    C x

  2. Like you I have bigger calves and struggle just the same! Those boots are stunning and really versatile - jeans, leggings, dresses; all will look great! I will be checking out their site!!

  3. They look like really nicely made, good quality boots! Love your outfit!

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