Luxurious Plus Size Womenswear With David Nieper

It seems like the plus size market is booming lately with new additions of brands that either extend their range or a new plus size shops appear. Nothing makes me more happy. One of these is a company called David Nieper. It's a new name to me, so I took a look at their website. Their sizing seems good and most of their stuff goes up to a size 28. I haven't tried any of their clothes yet, but I'm keen to try some. On their website it says that they are using the best fabrics and that their garments are made in UK which is always a plus with me.
Since I'm a self acclaimed professional online shopper I couldn't help to look through their collections and look for things that I might invest in. Cause their clothes are a bit pricier, but for a great quality jacket, silk lingerie or knitted jumper that can wear season after season without going off trend, then I don't mind paying a bit extra.

When I look for classic pieces of clothing I tend to look for black, grey, navy or red as these are my staple colours that I return to all the time. Especially in autumn/winter clothes. 

My favourite colour combination is red and black so this jacket caught my eye straight away. I really like the pattern, the unusual collar and the hip length design is nice as well. This kind of jacket would be a great transitional item in autumn and with a polo jumper it would be great in the winter as well.  

Or how about this amazing silk t-shirt? It's so versatile and would be a go to item with a simple pair of jeans, for work with a nice blazer and skirt or with a pair of shorts on holiday. Since silk is a natural fabric it's so great even in really warm conditions. And the colour is just so elegant and goes with most things. 

Or what about a luxurious long silk nightdress? You would feel a million dollars if you wore this to bed. And who doesn't like the cooling feel of silk against their skin? The design is stunning and the colour is beautiful. 

David Nieper can offer more than just coats and silk. They have a good range of travel clothes, travel accessories and even post surgical bras and other lingerie. All in great fabrics and designs.

I've completely fallen in love with a few things on their website and will be wishing for something for Christmas as I would love to add some pieces into my staple wardrobe. 

Do you save up to buy luxurious pieces or are you more of a fast fashion kind of person? 

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  1. Would love to wear the silk night dress to bed (I adore the feel of silk) and I'm a man.