#plus40fabulous- Influences From Childhood

My post is a bit late this month, but I've been struggling with a horrible cold the last week, so I've been trying to get rid of that and not even thought about blogging.

In this months Plus 40 Fabulous post it was Lee that came up with the idea of "How about we talk about how our teens/childhood influence our choices in clothes and things today." We thought this was such a good idea as it will be fun to read how everyone has developed their style from being young till now. 

I grew up as an only child in a warm and loving family. We didn't have much money growing up so I often wore clothes that I had inherit from my mum's friend's older children. I rarely got new clothes so I didn't really pay much interest to what I was wearing myself. I was always out and about doing sports, building things, fishing or repairing things anyway so no possibility to wear nice clothes. When I had time though I made nice little dresses and tops and skirts for my Barbie dolls which always were colourful cause I did love designing and making things. If I couldn't afford or didn't have any material/yarn to make things of, I very often made paper dolls with all kind of lovely and over the top dresses. Often influenced by royals all over the world. 

When I became older my mum was a big influence to me as she always did her hair, painted her nails, very often wore red lipstick and she even had mascara and powder. I remember that it was always so exciting being able to borrow some of my mums make up. My mum was not very interested in clothes, but she very often wore big bold prints and red was both of my parents favourite colour. My mum was also a big lady, but she never struggled with self esteem issues or tried to hide away. She had a fun and eclectic taste in clothes and pattern mixing was her forte. However, I think this was more down to that she didn't really pay attention to how she dressed, but I remember always thinking that she looked so cool and I was always quite proud of her style.


I used to love Debbie Harry from Blondie. She was beautiful, fearless and so different in the whole punk scene with her Marilyn Monroe looks, bright red lips and great attitude. And still to this day she is a sexy and amazing strong woman. Almost 70 and still hot and fierce.

Three generations women with colourful clothes. My grandmother, me as a 8 year old and my mum.

If you look at other aspects of my life my grandmother has been my biggest influence in life.She was strong, brave, hard working, kind, caring and had a strong fairness instinct. I have taken a lot of her wisdom with me and I'm trying to live as she taught me to be to other people. I hate unfairness and I hope that I've got some of the strength she had. She fought cancer twice and survived both times and had a baby outside of wedlock in 1926, so she really knew what challenges were. And despite all this, or maybe I should say, due to this she was a generous and amazingly selfless person. She wasn't much into clothes or style. She had always lived on a farm and never really dressed up. But if she did she always wore something bright coloured like a nice dress suit from the 60s or a nice coat in lilac or pink.

I think that my choices over the years have become braver since I've become more and more secure with my own style and likes. I look back to my grandmothers bold choices both in life and my mothers bold choices in clothes with a smile as both of them dared to be seen.

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  1. I love this post, and I totally love that you've come from generations of strong, fearless women. They would both be SO proud of you. xxx

  2. This is awesome, and you are so lucky to have that matriarchal history!

  3. Thank you my lovely friend. :) I hope they are proud of me as I try to live by how I was raised. Politeness, fairness, respect and kindness are my life rules. :) xxx