Are You Looking For Bargain Plus Size Clothes?

 Happy New Year everyone. I haven't gone underground or stopped blogging, it's just been so much going on in my life so I have had to prioritise other things. But hopefully I will get more time and mojo to write more regularly this year.

Sometimes when you browse online you come across a real gem. Nah, I'm not even going to take credit for finding this, cause Leah found this and informed a lot of us bloggers about this beauty. I jumped on it and ordered it even if they only had size 20/22 left so I was a bit worried that it would be too small and therefore too clingy, but as you can see it wasn't. Since then they have restocked so they have all sizes in now. It also comes in black.

Dress, Everything 5 Pounds (HERE
Fishnet tights (Primark)
Shoes (old from Barrats)
Necklace (Primark)

When I put this dress on and styled it the way I did and my husband gasped and the followed it with a wow I knew that this was a good outfit. And I can see why he likes it. The dress is really showing off the curves. It's stretchy which makes it roomy around my boobs. It falls really nicely over my hips and tummy and the colour is amazing. I like the mirror velvet as it makes you feel dressed up without too much effort. It fits perfectly.

Isn't this a stunning colour???

This dress is perfect for a statement necklace. This one from Primark adds a the perfect edge to this outfit. 

This dress is a good choice for a night out, but can also be worn as a more dressed up casual item with leggings and ankle boots. The sleeves makes it good for the colder autumn and winter months too and covers you up a bit. If I have to point to something that is a little bit annoying is that it is a tiny bit short. I would wear it with tights as I've done in these photos for a night out, but I think I would opt for opaque tights instead as I hate feeling that I have to pull it down all the time. It's not that short, but I wish it had been an inch or two longer.

This dress makes me have a flashback to the 90s when I used to wear this beautiful blue velveteen dress which would be perfect to wear now as velvet and velveteen has become popular again.
Blue velveteen and awkward teenager :)
 I think I'm just going to start hanging on to some pieces from  my wardrobe as they seem to come back every 20 years and who knows, maybe my daughter or if she has got a daughter by then wants to wear it. Just wish I had unlimited storage place.

Looks pretty good from the back as well and as you can see it's not too tight and I find it very flattering. Wearing animal print flats just gives a pop of print which I love having in an outfit. 

Everything 5 pounds have their own plus size section. It's a bit hit and miss what you might find there, but sometimes they have some really good things. I've bought from them a few times, but this dress is by far my favourite. They have a lot of nice shoes and bags as well, so you can get yourself a really nice outfit for £15!! 

Have you bought anything from bargain clothes websites? And how would you style this dress?



  1. Yay Mookie!!!! You look amazing- the red really suits you!

    C xx

  2. You look so gorgeous Mookie, I absolutely love that dress! I still don't own a velvet dress, although I've been meaning to buy one for a long time... I was going to get one from the Boohoo sale but they didn't have my size left. So the search continues. :)

  3. WOW 😎 Can't get enough from you wearing velvet ❤️❤️❤️