Denim Dilemmas- A Guide For Plus Size Men On How To Find "The One" Pair Of Jeans

It's not just plus size women who can have a struggle finding trendy and great fitting clothes. I have a husband who is plus size and it's not always easy to find great clothes for him. This despite him being on the very small side of plus size for men. I think I speak for most men when I say that one thing that they can't live without is a good pair of jeans.The classic Denim Dilemma. Men just like us women are facing the trouble with ill fitting jeans, jeans that aren't the right length, the right shape or if you find that pair of jeans that really do fit perfectly then of course you discover a big hole in them and you can't find the exact pair again.

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Jacamo have two really good guides on their blog recently on How to get over the jeans that you loved which is a really good read and also the guide How to find "The One". These gives you a good in-depth guide on what to look for if you're looking for a new pair of jeans. And they give some really good advice.

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I had a talk with my husband and asked him what he find most important when he choses a pair of jeans and what qualities they must have to become that special pair of jeans that he hangs on to for as long as possible, and here is what he said.

"When I go out to buy a new pair of jeans I look for some good quality denim and of course I have to like the look of them. I tend to go for the same style all the time as I know what fits and works best for my needs. I have a relaxed style and I'm not very focused on trend. Comfort is key for me when I chose jeans as I wear them almost every day. I try them on and if they fit well then I spend my money.

When I find a good pair of jeans that I wear a lot, it's most probably because they have become more comfortable the more I've worn them. Cause I really like jeans that you kind of "wear in". I don't mind it if they fade a bit after a few washes as I generally think they look better after they have faded. I tend to have 3 pairs of jeans that I like a lot and I rotate them till one of them wears out and I have to replace with a new pair. I don't find it particularly hard to part with them if they are worn out as I've got so much use out of them and it's time for something new. "

I think that men and women have some of the same challenges when it comes to chosing a pair of jeans so I would love to hear what is your best tip to buying that great pair of jeans that everyone is looking for?


*This post is sponsored by Jacamo, but all views are my own.


  1. Finding the perfect jeans is not an easy task. I am Latin, so it is tricky finding a pair of jeans that suit my Latino body type!

  2. My best tip is just to go for classic brands like Levis and you really can't go wrong.

  3. Fantastic post and certainly I always struggle finding jeans for my OH. I'll give these a go xx