Questions From My Readers And Fat Shaming On The Tube

Hello everyone.

From time to time there comes some emails in to my inbox that are more interesting and important that anything else that I receive. That is the emails I get from my readers. These emails are what keeps me posting on my blog although it has been a bit less this year due to my health.

Today I thought I would share some of the questions I've got and answer them as good as I can.

Lovely Kat from Devon from  asked me if I had ever accounted fat shaming in my face? The answer to that is yes.This was the question that made me write this post today due to what happened in London today. Fat shaming has happenened to me quite a few times. I remember when I was younger and far more insecure than I am now I was told by a woman who I sat next to on the bus that I should stand up instead of taking up too much space sitting down. I was just so shocked and felt so ashamed, so I walked off the bus at the next stop. I remember crying and I ended up walking home in the dark which probably wasn't the smartest for a young woman to do as it was in a bad place of Oslo. But I got home safely and started thinking if that had been her intention, to make me walk and get some exercise? I wonder what she would have said now as I'm at least 4 sizes bigger than I was back then!!! That is just one episode that has stuck in my mind as from time to time I'm still a bit hesitant to sit down on buses or trains. Especially if I'm on my own. It's a shame that people feel so bad about themselves that they have to put other people down or for whatever reason they feel the need to say something hurtful. That is why it's more and more important for us to fight for body positivity, fat acceptance and self worth.

Yesterday I was stunned by the news about a pathetic sad individual in London who had nothing better to do than handing out "you're fat" cards to overweight people on the tube. I have heard a lot of things on fat shaming up throughout my life, but this is just really the lowest! The card said it was from someone calling themselves Overweight Haters Ltd. What is wrong with people? Who has got so much time on their hands that they actually spend time coming up with this hateful and discriminating piece of shit that they actually goes through the trouble of printing cards out and handing them out to overweight women? People like that should be forced to do something with their lives that meant that they wake up, grow up and manage to open their eyes a bit wider than the squinty dark tinted eyes they see the world with. Don't these people have any morals? Don't these people have common courtesy?  And what is going to be done about this? Are we overweight people just going to accept being publicly bullied like this? It's fine for me who is a very confident person. I could just laugh of it or even better tell someone off for what they are doing. But not everyone is like that! That poor girl on the tube that started crying. What about her? She might be traumatised by it all, her mental health might get a bad turn and so on. I can recognise her feeling from when I was younger and it's not fun. You feel like you just want the ground to open up and swallow you to avoid the humiliation.

As a response to this plus size company Navabi decided to turn around quickly and get some cards printed that said "you look great" and they handed them out to people on Oxford Street yesterday. All honor to them for doing that and I praise them for it. No one should be walking around on their way to work or where ever they are going in fear of being exposed to any kind of discrimination. With all the evil going on in the world, one person(or more) didn't think it was enough so he had to spread some hate crime too. Appalling!

One thing I find I'm being asked a lot if I've always been so smiley? And yes, I've always been a very smiling person. Both personally and professionally. I think it's important to smile and be happy as I think it affects your mind in a positive way especially if you're having bad day. And giving a smile to someone you meet on the street can be something that brightens their day too so keep smiling!!!

Becky wanted to know if I was a difference being fat in England vs being fat in Norway?  I would say that there is. Of all the countries I've lived in I would say Norway is the most difficult as Norway is a country that has long traditions of being very a very sporty people. We have a saying in Norway that everyone is born with skis on their feet and that goes to show that a lot of people are outdoorsey, sporty, active and live a healthier life no matter what time of year or what the weather conditions are like. It's also thought that us Norwegians have a healthier diet with lots of vegetables and fish, but I don't know if that is so true as the most popular food is the same as everywhere else.  I do think that the real life photo isn't that much different than in England, Portugal or Canada(the countries I have lived in), but I think it's more difficult to be fat in Norway. I also have a very different body type than most Norwegians which are tall, lean and quite boyish looking. I've always been top heavy so I've always stood out a bit. It's quite interesting for me to come back to Norway these days as I feel like I'm a freak very often as I get a lot more staring looks there than here in UK.

Lucy from Aberdeen asked me a question not long ago why I didn't make my own bras since I had such trouble finding bras in my size? Honestly speaking Lucy, I would love to be able to do that as it would save me a lot of mental stress and issues when getting dressed as I would always wear the right size and I could make them as sexy as I wanted too as well. But it's easier said than done. I'm a crafty person, but not so much when it comes to sowing. Unfortunately. I have been thinking many times that I could learn how to make my own bras, but my skills are too poor to even attempt trying it. The most adventurous I've made myself is a circle skirt and that was not the easiest I've done!!! I could take some classes, but they are too expensive for me to do at the minute. I think that I have to look into making my own bras are beside the point in finding well fitting underwear as it can't just be me with boobs that goes almost to the end of the alphabet??

The last question I'm going to answer today is from a guy in France who's name I don't know, who asked me if I would like to start doing more outfit posts with my husband? I would love to do more outfit photos with Mike. Just that he is far from as interested in fashion and clothing as me. He is a typical bloke who mostly like dressing in the same t-shirts, jeans and hoodies so not the most exciting to share. From time to time we will be doing posts together which is so much fun as I think Mike looks amazing as a plus size man.

I hope you guys liked this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Keep the questions coming, I might make this into a regular thing.


  1. Great post! I agree with everything you said about fat shaming. The fact that people like this - the person handing out the cards and the woman who shamed you on the bus - exist and for some sad reason want to ruin other people's lives just shows how much work still needs to be done for body positivity and acceptance. Plus size bloggers play a HUGE (pun intended) part in this fight, and if my blog posts have made even one person feel better about themselves I'm glad. This is also why I'm doing my PhD on plus size blogging, because I truly believe we can change things. xx

  2. Ug fatshaming asshole! I have no energy for them!
    I love the couple outfit pics - so cute! And you should totally make a little pilgrimage to Poland to see Ewa like Tanya did! Fix your bra issues once and for all! Xxx

  3. I've got a question for you. Y U SO BABE? Love you. xxx

  4. I really like to read your blog and see your pretty outfits. It is such a shame that anyone would feel the need to spread hatred and make another person feel bad about themselves. I am so glad I googled plus size blogs one day because every night I check in with so many of my favorites and you are certainly one of them. I can't imagine how much work goes in to blogging but please know that your hard work is greatly appreciated!