Christmas Style Inspiration

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year – we get to see our families and friends, unite over shared meals and toast to the good times. Known for the laughter and love that comes with it, the Christmas season is magical for many of us. Besides the numerous parties and festivities that arise during the season, there are also little things we do on our own to celebrate. We decorate our homes, we give generously and we bake special treats reserved specially for the occasion.

Another thing we do is dress the part. Because it’s not Christmas without red, green and some sparkle! Dressing for the occasion is something we can all do with just a little effort, and it surprisingly makes such a big difference in how we feel during the holidays. If you’re still searching for the Christmas spirit, maybe you just haven’t found the right outfit yet. So I rounded up some fashionable and festive inspiration for the women that need a Christmas outfit sure to make their spirits bright.

Can’t find the right headwear? For many women, doing their hair differently than the day-to-day ‘do is a sure sign of a special occasion. But many of us are not beauty experts, and trying what we see on Pinterest never really pans out like we hope. If you want to spice up your Christmas look by changing up your hairstyle, consider looking for a Christmas-chic hair accessory like some of the ones this Bustle article lists. An ornate hair tie or rhinestone pins will go much farther than you expect.

Looking for some sparkle? Try a knitted dress with shiny threads weaving throughout. It’s comfortable enough to handle all the sitting, standing and whatever else your Christmas calls for – something too tight will be the bane of your existence, trust me! However, if you’re just a bit too shy to wear your sparkle on your sleeve, Metro introduces us to the idea of the metallic boot, and it’s kind of perfect.

Not thrilled with your outerwear options? Sometimes jackets can be too constricting and stuffy. On Christmas, you want to radiate happiness – so slip into something a little more fun than your trusty puffer. A swing-style fleece jacket is sure to be the topper that will bring movement to your outfit. Try to find one from a plus-size store so you can ensure the measurements are well-suited to your silhouette – WomanWithin shows one on their model, so you can see exactly how it will lay.

Don’t have that perfect dress? If the idea of finding a dress to make all of your dreams come true this holiday season is stressing you out, it might be time to say goodbye to the classic clothing choice and head into modern times. Jumpsuits are all the rage right now, and they’re surprisingly flattering. Find one that cinches your waist, and it’ll hit you in all the right places, grazing over your problem areas even better than your LBD. A jumpsuit is dressy while remaining unique, so you’ll definitely feel festive!

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