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 In this months Plus 40 Fabulous Leah and I decided to go for a Christmas theme. It is after all December. We gave everyone the chance to do it however they wanted to and I just wanted to tell a bit about what relation I've got to Christmas. I'm sorry I'm a few days late, but better than never. :)

Leah and I visited this beautiful Christmas decorated little village in East Sussex called Westfield.

When I was a child my family didn't celebrate much Christmas. I wouldn't say that my parents were against Christmas, but they had a very relaxed relation to it. My mum was more relaxed to it than my dad, but since I grew up with my grandmother(she was more traditional) we celebrated Christmas. But it was toned down. Even as a child I wasn't that bothered with Christmas and that has shaped how I am now. I don't dislike Christmas, because I do love the opportunity to be with the whole family. That part is my favourite part of Christmas and have always been. That is what has been my focus all my life instead of stressing around getting "everything" ready for Christmas.

Me all Christmassy in Hastings
In Norway Christmas traditions are a little bit different to here in the UK.


First of all we celebrate it on Christmas Eve. That is the main day of Christmas for Norwegians and a lot of other European countries as well. That is when we are having our main meal and opening presents. Although presents are opened in the evening.

We don't normally have turkey either. Most people have either pork belly or rib of lamb with all the extras like potatoes, mushy peas, sauerkraut, red cabbage and swede. My family however ate something that is very Norwegian. It's called Lutefisk.

It can best be described as a "jellyfied" piece of fish. It's treated in lye to get its characteristic smell, flavour and consistency. It's served with crispy small pieces of bacon, potatoes and mushy peas. I don't think it comes as a big surprise I never used to like the food at Christmas(can you blame me, with the smell of chemicals around the house) so I always used to eat meat balls for Christmas.


Another thing I was used to doing for Christmas as a child was to go to these organised Christmas parties called Juletrefest, which can be translated to Christmas Tree Party where children and their parents are gathered to socialise and walk around the Christmas Tree and eat Christmas food that they often brought and have games and competitions.

This year I will be celebrating Christmas with my husbands family. His mum is having all her four children together under the same roof so I think that will be pretty special. I will bring a bit of Norway to the celebration as well as I'm going to make a traditional Norwegian cake for dessert.

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Merry Christmas everyone and see you all in the new year.


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