My birthday

It was my birthday in July and as always
since I moved here to England my mother in law took us all out for a meal with the rest of the family. I choose to go to a Mexican restaurant in Guildford called Son of Sombrero. I love Mexican food so off course it world be a first choice. The food was delicious( We all shared nachos as a starter and then I had a lovely vegetarian Chimichanga) and most of us were wearing our sombreros that hung on our chairs when we arrived. After the meal I was surprised by the staff at the restaurant when they came playing with instruments and have me a glass filled with cream. The waiter said that is was a game cause I had to find the shot in the middle of the glass without using my hands, which meant that I had to dive in with my face. It was so much fun and I did find the shot and drank it all without using my hands. It was such a good laugh and I even signed the ceiling before I left:-P

 After the restaurant we all went home to ours for coffee and cakes and opening of presents I got a lot of nice stuff a you can see in the photos.

My favourite present I did get from my lovely husband. He have me this lovely heart shaped pendant from a local jewelry designer called Gemma J. It is such a timeless stunning piece of jewellery so I fell in love with it straight away.
He has good taste my husband. :)

All in all it was a great evening(although I think the very best present was when I spoke with my daughter on the phone. It was so good to hear her voice again. Miss her!)

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