Evening drive

Today have been a lazy day, a typical Sunday in other words.Haven't done anything today apart from playing Tapped Out, which I am totally addicted to, cuddling with my lovely husband while watching football and pampering myself getting ready for a work week ahead.

Late tonight when most people are thinking of going to bed we decided to go out for a drive. We do that quite a lot as both of us really enjoy being out driving. Just chatting away and sometimes listen to music and sing our hearts out. Tonight was so hot as it has been very often lately and I don't handle this heat very well so we just had to get out and get some fresh air.

I always like taking photos and tonight was no different. A couple of photos taken along our drive. Surrey has got some lovely drives with "tunnels" surrounded by overhanging big trees that makes the drive quite spooky. I love the nature of England and I spend quite a lot of time out and about enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.

Lovely night view from my beautiful city Guildford.  

I tried this new nail varnish from Barry M today. Since stopping biting my nails one and a half years ago I have spent quite a lot of money on nail polish and I love trying new ones. This one is the
Confetti Nail Effects
in the blue colour. I put two layers of white nail varnish and then another two layers of the Confetti Nail Effects. Not quite sure what I think yet, but it is no favourite so far. It was very thin and you don't get much confetti on the brush. Without a lighter base colour it wouldn't show much at all.

I'm glad to be back blogging as it is nice to get thoughts down and hopefully I will get some new readers as well. 

Work tomorrow so guess it is about time to go to sleep soon so I am not like a zombie at work. Busy enough as it is. 

xxx Anne-Lise. 

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