Monochrome Sunday.

When I woke up this morning I was in the mood for something less summery than what I've worn the last few weeks. Since it was a rather gloomy mourning I decided to wear one of my favourite combinations black and white. I am a big fan of bright colours, but I have weakness for patterns in black and white. I have bought several black and white dresses over the summer, so today I choose to wear this lovely dress from F&F at Tesco. I love finding bargains and this dress I found in a sale for only £7. It's a comfortable dress, but as with most dresses a bit snug over my boobs. I teamed it with leggings and red flats. And of course my signature red lipstick. The dress was very good to wear and made me feel very cool when the sun came poor later in the day. I don't normally buy clothes from F&F, but a few times I have been able to find a gem. This dress will be used more as it gets colder add it's nice enough for work as well and I can team it with chunky knit and boots.I teamed it with leggings from Sainsburys which are my favourite leggings as they are super comfy, cheap and I can drag them above my tummy which is always a plus. Wore shoes from New Look past season. My handbag is from a street market in Spain as I love picking up accessoires whenever I'm abroad. My earrings are bought in Norway and I think they are so cute and their vibrant colour liven up any boring outfit. My belt I picked up from ebay and are funny and cute with its two flies.


  1. I love the dress. What a bargain! You look fab. x x

    1. Thank you Leah. :) I always have my eyes open for some good bargains! xx

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  3. So beautiful. Love that dress on you. :)

    ♡ Mel xoxo