Why You Should Consider Adding Lash Extensions to Your Repertoire As A Mobile Beautician

Why You Should Consider Adding Lash Extensions to Your Repertoire as a Mobile Beautician
If you are running your own beauty business, then it can be good to sometimes add new things to your menu, and be able to offer your existing clients a more varied service, as well as potentially bring in new people. If you currently do make-up, nails, or hair, or all of the above, then there are various other beauty treatments you can learn how to do, stock up for, and provide. These can mean things like eyebrow shaping with threading, waxing or conventional plucking, pedicures, acrylic nail extensions, and all kinds of other popular treatments you are likely already well aware of the market for. However, one option you may not have considered, as it is still really just starting to catch on as a conventional beauty treatment in some areas, is lash extensions.
Why Are Lash Extensions A Good Service To Offer?
Lash extensions have been popular for at least a decade, but are now really moving from being a special occasion thing or something only the most glam women have, to a fairly normal part of a lot of people's beauty habits. Having lash extensions can mean a better and more defined eye shape and lash line, while also saving the wearer time by meaning they don't have to apply eye make-up every day to have a reasonably made up look. Lash extensions can range from very long, thick party lashes that can even feature bright colors or metallic effects, through to very natural lash looks that simply enhance the lashes by making them appear much thicker, longer, and darker, without any mascara. 
Why Are Lash Extensions Good for Mobile Beauticians?
One great thing about lash extensions is that to be able to do them for people at home, you don't need to carry a lot of expensive, heavy tools and kit. The lashes themselves, as you might expect, weigh next to nothing, so you can keep a wide selection in your collection in order to create the perfect look for your client on the fly. Other than that, you only need the special adhesives and basic beauty tools like tweezers. Lash extensions are also great for repeat custom, because they do need to be replaced fairly regularly, and they are great for when somebody wants a new look for a special event.
How Easy is it to Learn?
Check out The Lash Professional, who can offer all of the eyelash extension supplies that you need to get started and also offer a one day online eyelash training course that teaches you how to use the products. The more stylistic side of learning to apply eyelash extensions will also be covered in your eyelash extension course, and is not too tricky for people who are used to working around the eyes - for instance people with experience in brow shaping and eye make-up, and you'll soon have a great feel for how to create all different looks with different lashes.
If you are looking to add a new service for 2020, then it is well worth looking into how you can begin to offer eyelash extensions to your clients, and plan how to advertise your new beauty offering!
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