Settling Down Abroad? What Are The Best Places For First Time Expats?

Becoming an expat is a big move in anyone’s life. If you’re going to sum up the courage to move halfway across the world to a country that you weren’t born in, you’re taking a huge step, that anyone would find hard to undertake themselves! And of course, some places are better for us than others.

So, if you’re curious, we’ve listed three of the best places for a first time expat to move to below. Or maybe you’re thinking of upping sticks and want to know where to head first? Maybe you’re the picky pal in your friend group, and you want to be sure you’re headed somewhere you know will work out for you. Either way, these are some great suggestions for you!

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Australia is a big country, famous for its hot weather and exotic wildlife. And if you’re looking to become an expat for the first time, moving to Melbourne might be the best first step for you! It’s a big city, with lots to do, and that’s just what you want from your first foray into foreign culture. You’ll have access to all kinds of arts and entertainment, and there will be plenty of doctors around if anything goes awry with your health - it’s a traveler’s dream!

New York City

The Big Apple. It’s the wonder of many travelers, and it’s only many bucket lists the whole world round. You’ll get to know the infamous subway system, and you’ll learn how to walk fast and keep up the pace; there’s a lot to see, and a lot of people on the streets. Very few people use their own transport here, so if you don’t have a car to take abroad (because that gets pricey too), you’ll fit right in!

But finding the right nyc address can be a bit tricky, of course. It’s quite a high profile, high traffic area, and rent costs can be high. But if you’ve saved up for a 3 or 6 month trip away, you’ll want to splash the cash to stay here - it’s common to have roommates here too, so you’ll definitely be able to mingle with the locals whilst you’re away!


Maybe a bit further afield than you were thinking, but Tokyo is a great city for a first time expat. You’ll travel halfway across the world, which is an achievement for any traveler, and there’s always something going on in this city.

It might be a bit of a cultural shift, and you’ll need to look up the social norms before you go, but it won’t be too much trouble for your already impeccable manners! And there’s a great nightlife scene, and all kinds of new experiences for you to get to grips with; ever heard of a capsule hotel?

Settling down abroad can be scary, but if you want to go, check out these big destinations first. They’re great for first time expats, and you might just find a new home.

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