Not Since I was A Child.....

Have I owned a rain jacket!!! Insane, right? I know!!! I'm 42 now and I haven't owned one since I was about 10!!!! That is a long time for someone who has lived most of my life in very rainy countries like Norway and England. The only times I haven't needed a rain jacket was when I was living in Canada, Portugal and Spain, but the time I lived there is about 2 years so as you can tell I really need rain proof clothes.

 So when I saw this matte red rain jacket from New Look I bought it straight away in hope that it was one of those traditional jackets I had as a child that was made of a thick material with a "fleecy" inside. And I was right. It's exactly like that. It's not fleecy like a fleece jacket, but I don't know how else to describe it. It's a bit "furry" on the inside, almost like a peach and it's nice a thick material so you know that it will be rainproof and are of good quality.

 The hood on this jacket is of a great size and can be closed with a drawstring which comes in handy if you're out walking which I love to do. And with the unstable weather in this country, this jacket is so good to bring for those not foreseen heavy downpours.

It also had good size pockets. Just don't leave your phone in here as it can become a bit condensation when you're out walking in it unfortunately due to the nature of the fabric.

The drawstring at the bottom is very useful for more insulation against the elements.

This jacket comes up big in size in my opinion. I'm wearing a size 28 here, but I could easily have worn a 26 or even a 24 and still had room for jumpers underneath. So even if you're big busted like me I would go for a smaller size than your regular size in jacket.

New Look is selling this jacket for £20 at the moment so it's a bargain if you're looking for a great rain coat. They only have it in black so be quick before it sells out. You can find it HERE.


  1. This looks really good. I need a waterproof coat for rainy walks, but I want a long one. The colour is great on you, of course! xx