Lovely Pastel Lace With Yours Clothing.

Let's talk lace on my blog today. Lace is a very lovely material if you get it right and it's an awful material if you get it wrong.
There is nothing prettier than a beautiful lace that is soft and delicate and feels amazing to touch and soft on your skin. It feels exclusive and sensual, feminine and youthful. Then you have the horrible lace that is itchy and hard and it's awful. Imagine those fancy dress costumes from China that come with a stiff lace that can cut you skin open like a knife if you're not being careful. And then other times they mix lace with thin elastic and the lace starts fraying and it looks like you've got really a really hairy garment on.

I've always loved lace and this beautiful Rose Pink Lace Skater With Sweetheart Neckline* from Yours Clothing is no exception. Isn't she a beauty?

The dress is made in a beautiful lace all over and it's soft to touch and delicate and pretty. It's lined with a very comfortable jersey fabric so it doesn't cling to you when you walk or stand up after being sat down for a while.

 Perfect length as it hits the 5'6 long me right on the knees. 

 Pairing the dress with some old wedges from Evans. I love the mint green with this lovely pink.

 I love the sweetheart neckline and look at the stunning lace!! It's so pretty. And the colour is such a lovely pink. A mauve pink which is just as nice in the winter as in the summer.  I'm wearing a size 28 to have room enough for my boobs as there is very little give in the fabric. It means it's quite big around my tummy, so I've used a belt around my waist to make it more fitted. If you have smaller boobs than me I would say it is quite true to size.

 Stupid ribbon!!!

 As you can see the dress is too big for me around the waist since I have to size up to have room for my large 40P cup chest, but a belt always takes care of the extra fabric and I make it work.

The clutch is also from Yours Clothing, but is old, but I like the contrast bright pink colour to the more muted pink.

Since I'm going on holiday in a weeks time and my birthday is coming up I might have found my birthday dress in this dress. I might choose some other accessories though, but it's definitely a dress that says birthday celebrations to me.

Do you like lace?


*gifted item, but all views are mine.


  1. You look gorgeous girl! Keep slaying all day. I love the confident vibes you give out.

  2. Looking beautiful I love you dress

  3. I'm not a dress person (maybe because I'm 6ft and everything is short on me), but I love this dress! The color, the texture and the length. LOL I usually have the opposite problem you have. I have extremely small boobs, and child bearing hips, so the top usually is too big for me!

  4. Such a cute dress!! I also love the handbag!

  5. I think wearing lace is beautiful, love ❤️ those shoes girl.

  6. really ı like pink and ı think that ıt look so sweet on blondes

  7. Lace is my all time favourite and yes girl that dress definitely has birthday written all over love the colour contrast and your reviews on it is spot on. Thanks.

  8. I'm a huge fan of lace, Mookie. This color is beautiful and I love how you matches those gorgeous shoes with the dress.


  9. Great dress! And I love this color for the summer. Love your confidence :)

  10. I usually don't wear lace but was looking at a dress the other day. I talked myself out of it but now I'm second guessing my decision. You look super cute!

  11. Mookie this is so pretty- you look gorgeous!

    C x

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!! The kind of lady i´d lay myself over a mud puddle for if i didn´t have a coat, so you could walk on me just to keep your feet from getting wet...;)