Swimwear With Simply Be

Before I went out on my travels to explore one of my favourite countries, Spain, I decided that I had to get myself some new swimwear. I always like to update my swimwear wardrobe from time to time as with everything else you get tired of wearing the same things. However, finding good swimwear for bigger girls is something I find very very challenging. It's especially three things that are crucial when it comes to me finding a costume that becomes that good one that I always keep coming back to. Support in the boobs region is the most important for me when it comes to swimwear. Imagine swimming around and all of a sudden your boobs are doing their own thing cause believe me, they like to float!!! And to get good support I've found that underwires in the cups  not necessarily is the solution as a sturdy and good thick material still with good stretch is the best for me as the fabric keeps my boobs firmly in place and also gives it a great shape, lift and it feels comfortable. Secondly it's important that the costume stays in place, i.e doesn't ride up or down as this becomes such a distracting element while you're swimming either it be for exercise or for fun or both. Thirdly it's so important with well fitted bottoms. I have yet to find a great fitting pair of bikini bottoms/tankini bottoms cause most bottoms are too baggy around my bum. I have a lot narrower hips than my top half so it's always been a challenge to find something that fits well on top and bottom at the same time.

I decided to go for some items from Simply Be as they had some great swimwear and beach cover ups . I had high hopes for this Gingham patterned tankini, but when I got it I hadn't received my bottoms so I had to use another pair I already had so I can only review the top. On the website the top looked stunning and what made me buy it was the 50s feel to it and retro style as it was cute and the colour was also stunning.


When I first tried it on I was very happy that it at least fitted over my boobs in my size 24. But as soon as I started wearing it a little around the house I noticed that there was no support in this tankini top at all. It has built in cups and one of those "shelves" that will give your boobs support and lift. But sadly not for huge boobs like mine. My boobs are fighting gravity every day and for someone that is 41 years old and have heavy breasts I don't think my boobs are too saggy. But this tankini does what it can to help gravity doing its job. My boobs look flat!!! And that is not a desired look, especially on the beach where you want to feel confident and sexy.

The material is quite flimsy and not at all thick enough to give me the needed support. The straps are super stretchy and are adjustable, but even when I'm taking them into the tightest they can come it's not improving the support. It's such a shame as with a design like this I thought I might had found a new favourite swimming costume.

 The pattern and design of this tankini is so cute and I adore it, but that is not enough to make me want to wear this. It might be a better fit for those of you who has smaller boobs as the design is super cute.

I also bought a kaftan from Simply Be which I absolutely love. I loved the look of it on the website and it is just as lovely in real life. It was quite windy on the beach when I went and took these photos and it made me feel like a diva walking down the beach in the beautiful flowy animal print pattern. I'm wearing size XL here and I'm glad I went for that as I don't like cover ups to be tight fitting as you tend to get a bit sticky from sun creams and damp from water, so better to have a bit of fabric to spare.

The design is beautiful. It has a knotted design which gives it a deep plunging neckline and also a big split all the way up to your waist. So if you want to show off a hints of skin while sitting down for lunch by the pool bar this kaftan is definitely for you. I'm even tempted to wear this kaftan as a dress with just a black short skirt under and a cropped top! I might do that one night and update this post with photos.

I love the different colours in the animal print. It gives it a subtle, but sexy detail. This kaftan is not screaming for attention, but it's classy and sexy.

The length is also really good on me. I'm 5'6 and it's floor length on me which is perfect as I like my long dresses to reach the floor.

Do you find it easy to find plus size swimwear?


  1. Awesome photos. You looks gorgeous. I think you had a great time at beach! Thanks for sharing your memories with us :)

  2. Oh mygod!!! Sorry for my intrusion! I'm a man 46 old in montreal! So , your are my dream !!! Ohmy god i'm in love!!!