Spicing Up Cow Cow Dresses.

 It's needless to say that when I saw all the fun prints of the Cow Cow dresses I fell in love! I think it was over at Leah's blog I saw them first and I knew I had to have a few. And for that price I just as well bought four of them. Not everyday you get four dresses for the price of one cheap dress. I paid £20 for all four of them!!!

The first one I wore is this beautiful Chinese blossom dress in lilac. I'm wearing 3X and it's such a great fit. I have got so many compliments when wearing this dress and people can't believe it when they hear the price of it. And it is quite amazing really. These dresses are made in a scuba kind of material that has lots and lots of stretch to it so it shapes itself after your body. The length of the dress is really nice too as it hits me right on my knees. I teamed it with a cardigan in a pastel blue colour and they go so well together. This is probably one of my favourite colour combinations ever as I love pastel colours.

The second dress I've brought with me is this beautiful cat and planets dress in lilac, pink and white. It's such a cute dress and it's my definite favourite of the four.
When I went down to see Leah just before I went out to Spain I wore this dress and she said that with my irridescent backpack from Accessorize I looked like Baby Spice and she said to me, "why don't you put your hair up in some buns or pigtails and you will be Baby Spice". So I did. And here is the result!!!

It was such a fun shoot to do and although I was never a big fan of Spice Girls I always adored the colourful and eclectic style. And it threw me straight back to the 90s. My favourite decade. The decade of me being young, carefree and daring. I used to go around and have multi coloured hair in red and green, blue and black and everything in between. :) My fashion sense was extremely far out there and I loved being noticed!

I adore my backpack from Accessorize. It's just the best investment I've done fashion wise in a long time. It goes with everything. And it certainly makes any outfit a bit more exciting. It goes so well with these quirky and fun dresses from CowCow so I look like I'm taken straight from a 90s magazine.

So far I've only worn two of them as I forgot to pack the other two when I travelled to Spain, but here is a photo of me in all four of them. Please excuse me for not wearing a bra in these photos.

The sizing is the only bad things about these dresses as a lot of people I know have bought them and the sizing is all over the place. I think it has to do with the design of the dresses and what fabric that has been used. I bought mine from Amazon UK and they are all really great size wise. I wear 3X in all of them apart from the Pineapple one which is 2X and as you can see they fit perfectly. These dresses I've got contains 10% Spandex so they are super strechy.

Talking about the 90s, I had a bit of a throw back to the 90s the other day when I was wearing a red top with mesh detailing and round sunglasses. I had my hair in half up bun and I seriously looked like I did in the 90s. I can't believe that it has been 20 years since one of the best years of my life as mentally I still feel like I'm still 21!!!

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