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This month I asked people if they wanted to write about their skin care and if it had changed over the years as we are getting older. Our skin is constantly changing and with age it loses it's elasticity and plumpness gradually, so what am I doing to prevent it as much as possible? I've never been very concerned about my skin and skincare is something that has come far down on the list of things to deal with. I've never had much spots apart from the odd breakout although my skin is very sensitive and get itchy and prickly very quickly.

Firstly I rarely wear any foundation or concealers that would clog up my pores. I hate the feeling wearing foundation gives me, so I'd rather try and make my skin look radiant so I don't have to cover it up. I don't care that much about redness in my face, although I do have a red face quite a lot of the time. It's me, it's who I am so I don't really worry about it.

 I've always washed my face before bedtime, but mainly with make up wipes or a gentle exfoliater. Never any routine or the same brands every time.

I have been a fan of the Simple Range as because of my sensitive skin I have to be very careful with what I use as most products seems to irritate my skin and the Simple range has never irritated my skin.

But as I've gotten older I've started thinking more about my skin and how it is changing. Cause I do notice the changes every day now. Small lines around my eyes, the "thinking" lines on my forehead and my frown wrinkles at the base of my nose are of the changes that are becoming more and more visible. So I've also changed the way I do my skin care into more of a regimen if you can call it that.

Micellar water is something I've used a while now. I find it works so well in getting rid of make up and purifies my face without any stinging alcohol which toners I've used in the past has contained and therefore irritated my sensitive skin even more. I normally use the micellar Cleansing Water from Simple, but they were sold out when I needed new one so I tried this one from Garnier and it's not bad. I will buy a new of my trusted one from Simple when I runs out of this one as I find it works a bit better on my skin. I like the way the micellar water is so kind to your skin and yet removes all make up and residue without you having to rub it or anything else. It makes me feel very clean and fresh.

A couple of times a week I need something a bit more substantial to clean my face with than the micellar water. I have always used exfoliating products once a week or so, but a lot of them seems to irritate my sensitive skin a lot more than do it any good, so I've been looking for a more gentle deep pore cleanser. I'm struggling with big pores in my t-zone which often is oily as well so I have tried all kind of products to make the big pores smaller. I recently came across this product from Biore that is called Charcoal Pore Minimiser and so far so good. I'm very happy with it. It has gentle little exfoliating beads and the charcoal in it is meant to minimise the pores. And I can already notice a difference in the less clogging of my nose and cheeks. And that is something I would call result. Cause if it has reduced the clogging a bit means that the pores looks smaller and that is the desired effect I wanted. 

The No7 Serum is amazing, this was just a little sample I had laying around. And the Simple Eye cream I use sometimes when I feel the skin under my eyes need a bit extra care. 

Moisturiser is something I've used more in the winter than in the warmer months. Growing up in Norway it was always need for moisturisers in the winter or otherwise my skin would itch like crazy. And I would get flare ups of my eczema and that was a pain. I've used a lot of different moisturisers up through the years, but I've come across this wonderful serum that I can't praise highly enough. It's the Protect & Perfect Intense Advance serum from No 7 at Boots. It's amazing!!! It's velvety, soft, easy to apply, a little of it goes a long way and it leaves your face perfectly smooth and radiant. I have never used a product better for my skin. It has definitely reduced the appearance of my lines and I find it hard to go to another product now. It's a bit more expensive than other products I've used, but like I said you only need a little bit every time so a tube of 50ml goes a long way.

Lately I've also started using the B Flawless Targeted Wrinkle Filler from B for Superdrug every evening to reduce the wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead. I can't really say if I find it that it helps yet, but I will make a follow up post about it in a couple of months when I've used it for longer.

I'm have very fair skin and have always been very easily prone to get sunburnt. When I was younger I never bothered about sum cream, something that lead to me getting burnt very often. But one time I got so badly burnt that I had big liquid filled blisters in my face so I was worried I would be scarred for life. I healed nicely, but since then I have always been very careful with applying sun cream when I'm in the sun. I always wear sun factor 50 and never budge from it. With age I've had easier to get a little bit of a tan, but that is still with sun factor 50.

I also take Beta-caroten tablets every day in the spring and the summer months as it has a lot of beneficial reasons to take it.

  • Beta-carotene is a red/orange pigment found in vegetables like carrots, broccoli, peppers, onions and many more. Just think a bright coloured vegetable and I'm almost certain it contains lots of beta-carotene. 
  • Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A which we need for a good immune system, good eye sight and healthy skin.
  • Beta-carotene is an antioxidant
  • It's said to have a good impact on reducing the risk of lung cancer, heart problems, improve your immune system and reducing the sensitivity to sun. 
    I started taking them to improve my tolerance for the sun and with time, I've found it to be very useful and it certainly helps my skin and you get a better and deeper tan as well. Just be careful so you don't take too much as too much Vitamin A is bad for you. I take one 6mg tablet a day. 

These are the things I do to treat my skin and take care of it. I think my skin looks quite good and I'm happy with the way my skin looks despite being over 40 .

Doesn't look too bad for almost 41 do I? :) 

I also try to get a good amount of sleep, fresh air, activity and I love my greens and vegetables so I think that has a lot to say as well to avoid having dull looking skin. And thinking about now compared to when I was younger I'm surprised that a lot of us doesn't take more care of our skin. It's after all the biggest organ we have.

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  1. I use to love simple (completely lived by it) but since last years illness my eczema and dry skin has been insane so I've been trying goats milk products instead - not luck so far though!

    C xx