My amazing day at Style XL-very photo heavy post.

I have finally found time to write about Style XL that was organized and hosted of the lovely Leah over at Thirty Something Curvy Me. And what an amazing day!!!

Mike and I travelled up to Leicester early in the morning as we had to be there early to rehearse before the show. We ate our breakfast on the way, we had also made a playlist to listen to the way up as Mike and I both loves music (we have the same taste as well) and we use to listen to music and sing along with it. It just makes the trips go so fast so before we knew it we were in Leicester.

I went in and I was so excited about the whole day. I met lots of new faces like Nikky, Elena, Sarah, Sara and Rebecca. I also met some old faces that it is always fun to catch up with. Sam was one of them and it was lovely to see her again as we are room buddies at Plus North in a couple of weeks.

Stunning Sam in her lovely dress from Apples and Pears

The just as stunning Sarah in her gorgous £200 dress from MSSVG

Me and the lovely and beautiful Rebecca. Was so lovely to finally meet her. 

It was a fun filled morning and we got handed clothes that we were going to model on the catwalk. I was modeling for Apples & Pears, Topsy Curvy and two outfits for MSSVG which you will see photos of soon.

I talked quite a lot with the lovely Liz from Apples&Pears. She is such a lovely person and she remembered me from Plus London where I had met her before. Apples&Pears are a plus size shop that sells really nice and affordable clothes. I was modelling a lovely mint green skater dress as seen below. You can buy that HERE.

My husband loved this dress on me so he bought it to me after the event!!! :) I'm very lucky.

This dress comes in other colours as well as you can see on the beautiful Abi and Amy under.

Some of the other outfits from Apple and Pears. 

Beautiful Charlie in a lovely floral dress. 

Lovely Sara in a animal frock from Apple and Pears

The stunning Sam in a coral lovely tunic dress. 

Up next was the lovely bubbly girls from Topsy Curvy. If you haven't checked their range out, please do as their clothes are stunning.

I had been chosen to wear their new floral scuba skater dress that you can find HERE. It was love at first sight for me as it is a stunning and vibrant dress. I tried it on and it was as made for me. Needless to say that I loved it on.

The other models modelling Topsy Curvy. 

The next brand I was modelling for was Dizzed Plus. This is what I wore.

I loved this jacket

and I got my pins out. 

Revealing the lovely tunic under. :)
Dizzed Plus are a new brand to me. They are based in Buckinghamshire. Their clothes are of very good quality and more upmarket as they are quite pricey. But for a jacket like the one I wore it's worth the price as it is something you can wear for years to come. Go check them out HERE.

Here are some of the other girls modelling Dizzed Plus.

Then I modelled two outfits for MSSVG

I love MSSVG! They have such edgy and on trend clothes from brands like Rue 114, Zizzi, Junarose, Carmakoma and others. I really loved the two outfits I modelled and when I get paid I hope they still have the dress as I know it will be my go to dress for the autumn. It was so flattering and it would be great for the office as it is doesn't show off too much cleavage, but still gives a great shape.

Monique, who is buyer for MSSVG is such a lovely lady. So smiley and lovely. She was so nice to talk to and I can't wait to meet her again soon as she is one of the loveliest people I've met through blogging.

Here are some of the other models modelling MSSVG

The final brand I wore was Simply Be. I Had been contacted by Simply Be before the event because they were going to send out what they wanted to showcase at the event.. I was chosen a lovely black high low maxi dress with gold embellishment decoration on the bodice. I loved the dress! So sexy and stylish at the same time as the dress was long at the back and short at the front to show off some legs. I got so many compliments for this dress. You can buy it HERE.

This dress will be a lovely Christmas party dress. It's so lovely and true to size.

Other outfits from Simply Be.

At the end of our modelling we were gathered on stage to receive the audience's applause.

Don't we all look amazing in our clothes from Simply Be

Yours Clothing were at the event as well (alhthough I didn't model for them) and I finally met the lovely Jacqs. I had been looking forward meeting her and she was so lovely. A lovely Irish accent and what a beauty she is. I got a lovely goody bag from them with sweets, pen and a lovely mug that I can drink my hot chocolate in and a £10 off voucher that I have already used!!! :)

Even if I didn't model for Yours Clothing I saw some lovely clothes that I will need to take a closer look at on payday. These were my favourites.

I have to mention the love Sam from Irridescence as well. She kindly supplied us with stunning jewelry to compliment our beautiful clothes.
At the end of the event, she kindly gifted me my favourite item I had worn. I chose this an amazing green bracelet that I will review very soon on the blog.

After the event a few of us went out for a drink and something to eat. I was so thirsty and starving after the hard work!! We went in to Leicester city centre where we got some food, but most of all we got cocktails in buckets!! Yes, I did say buckets!!!

Me with Debz and Rebecca. 

Lucia with her buckets!! :) 

Rebecca with hers. 

Ordinary cocktails will be boring from now on.... I need buckets!! :)

Mike and I had to leave relatively early as we had a long drive home, but what a fun day it had been.

I have to thank Leah for the great work in organising the event. You deserve the most cheering for your great work at getting brands on board, getting prices for the raffle ticket lottery (where I was lucky to win TWO prices in), sorting out lunch for us models and refreshments to everyone that came. I can't wait for next years Style XL!

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