What Do Your Glasses Say About You

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels
If you haven’t asked yourself this question lately, then now is the time to do so. Glasses can say quite a bit about your personality. They might give others the impression that you’re creative or that you are a risk-taker. Here are some insights into what different frames say about you.

Colourful Eyeglasses

If you wear glasses with red frames or another bold colour, then you are making the statement that you are a creative person. You are not looking at what is trendy but, instead, want to stand out and be original.
Bright colours for eyewear also show that you are an outgoing person. The great hue of your frames is not going to hide you in a crowd, and that’s a good thing! Get the attention of others, whether you are a painter, writer, or another artistic type.

Tortoise Shell Glasses

Tortoiseshell Burberry glasses and sunglasses make a great fashion statement. They are accessories that complete your outfit well as they match any colour of clothing and suit both trendy and classic styles. Plus, when you choose a designer brand like Burberry, you are more likely to get a quality item.
Also, tortoiseshell frames are reminiscent of the movie Thelma & Louise. Remember that Susan wore a pair? Channel your feminist spirit with a similar look!

Rimless Frames

If you are wearing rimless or semi-rimless frames, then you are likely a minimalist at heart. You have a lifestyle that gives you everything you need, without any drama.
Also, you don’t want to hide behind your glasses. That’s why you choose rimless eyeglasses that open up your beautiful face. If you like wearing makeup, it’s easy to see eyeshadows with the rimless or semi-rimless styles.

Large Circular Glasses

Are you known for having a unique style or always doing things differently than others? If so, then you might wear big round glasses or want a pair of them.
This type of look is one that women and men tend to appreciate too when they have a love of all things vintage. The big frames are reminiscent of old Hollywood, so that makes sense.

Eyewear with Bling

If you like everything that is trending, from clothing to home decor, then you will want to be just as in-style with your eyeglasses and sunglasses. Therefore, you wear frames that have ornate ornaments on the sides or the front that are attention-grabbing.
You might choose frames that have diamonds set in them. Or, perhaps you like ones that have gold flakes. The point here is that the glasses are trendy and functional at the same time.

Final Words on Creating the Look You Want

Sometimes you want to change up your look. Getting new prescription glasses and sunglasses are a great way to do so.
You might even consider getting two different pairs so that you can change your appearance throughout the week, depending on your mood. Have fun with fashion and step outside confidently, knowing that you look amazing!


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