Why Move When You Can Improve?

Do you stay or do you go? A large dilemma for most homeowners is whether they should stay in their property and renovate, or move to a new one with more space. The cost of moving is, of course, higher than the cost of upscaling the home, which is the obvious draw of doing something more with the house. Improving the home is - however - a big job. 

Homeowners have a lot of planning to do if they decide to improve the home instead of moving to a new property. The trouble is that there must be adherence to the law, too. For example, a permitted development in a conservation area may not be allowed to include a few things, and so it’s important to know whether it will be legal for you! Below, we’ve got five things to be mindful of when it comes to those home improvements. 
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  1. Think About Your Neighbours. If you have an extension idea that you are planning, then you need to think about your neighbours and their right to natural light. If you build an extension that blocks out what your neighbours need, there are going to be issues.
  2. Extra Bathrooms. Did you know that you can now place toilets in the home wherever you need to? It used to be the case that you would have to install a door lobby between the toilet and another room and that was designed to stop smells. This is pretty much the best thing to happen for homeowners, as now you don't have to worry about where you place your toilet! Your architect should be able to help you with the building regulations, too.
  3. How High Is Your Ceiling? If you want to extend the rooms in your home upward, you can do so as long as you are sensible. There is no longer minimum ceiling height to worry about, but you want to have at least 2.1m of height from floor to ceiling.
  4. Think About An Added Room. If you really want to improve your home, what about adding a new room entirely? You could add more storage to your home with plenty of space added. A new room could be as small as you like for storage, or big enough to have an extra bedroom. No matter which way you look at it, you can use a new room to make improvements.
  5. Renovate The Basement. Your basement could be very useful to you if you gut it out and get it set up for a new bedroom suite or living area. You could convert the basement into a huge new kitchen, or you could even add a whole wall made of windows so that you can see directly into the home, too. There is so much that you can do with the money and space when you have the time!

If you want to move to a bigger home, you can do so, but remember that you need to spend time searching for a home, listing your existing house and packing. Why move when you can improve?

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