What Type Of Holiday Should I Choose? The Ultimate Family Break Guide

Holidays are one of the most exciting events that you can do together as a family. However, they can also be a source of much confusion and procrastination as well. After all, there are so many options available, how can you possibly know that you are making the right choice for the perfect family break? Well, instead of sitting around scratching your head, check out my ultimate holiday type guide below. Something that should make your final holiday choice that much easier. 

Catering options
Most people start with accommodation options, but I think what you really need to consider first of all is catering. After all, it's no good picking a gorgeous hotel if they don't offer the meals that you and the family will need on-site. 
With that in mind, there are two main catering options to consider. The first is the legendary all-inclusive, which literally male that all meals are included in the price you pay. Of course, you can expect these types of breaks to cost a bit more when you book. Although it may work out cheaper, in the long run, to go all-inclusive as a family. Especially if your kids will want lots of soft drinks and snacks during the day. After all, all those things can really add up. 
However, having said that, you need to be careful to read the small print when blowing an all-inclusive break. The reason being that not all of them include snacks. Some have other restrictions, such as only offering house alcohol to adults rather than name brands too. Which it is smart to be aware of before you book. 
At completely the other end of the spectrum to all-inclusive, you have self-catering. This is when you prepare your own meals for the family while you are away. Although, whoever gets the job of doing this ain't getting much of a break! Of course, you can also go self-catering and then go out to eat every night instead. Something that can work really well if you find yourself in a European location where meals are a little cheaper than in the UK. 

Accommodation options 
Once you have established the type of catering option you and your family will want, it's time to consider your style of accommodation. In fact, there is a massive range of options when it comes to accommodation from camping to caravaning. You may even wish to stay in a fancy hotel in the middle of a city? 
You also may wish to consider leasing a holiday rental for your family break. In fact, this can work particularly well because you won't be restricted by the set meal times, or lack of space that staying in a hotel as a larger group can put on you. In fact, by leasing an apartment or house, you can get a real 'home away from home' feeling that the kids will surely appreciate. All while getting to explore a new location and take a break as well. 
Of course, these are not the only accommodation styles that are available to you as a family. You may wish to try something else instead, such as a cruise. In fact, cruises can be very successful choices for families for several reasons. 

The first is that they tend to have lots of entertainment onboard. Something that will keep the kids amused all through the day, and so give the parents a rest. Additionally, because they stop off in some of the world's most exciting places and ports, you are only ever a few days away from exploring a new and fascinating city. Something that can provide a great pace to a family holiday, balancing both relaxation and activity. 
You may even wish to try one of the cruise and stay holidays that are now available for your family. These being a combination of a traditional cruise with the option to customise stays in places of interest. Something that means you can get the benefit of both types of holiday all in the same break. 
Travel options 
There is another consideration that you need to think about when it comes to boosting your family break, and that is how you will travel to arrive at your destination. In fact, even if you are going on a cruise, you will still need to get to the part where your journey begins. 
The options for travel tend to be overland by vehicles such as self-driving a car or on a bus tour or flying by plane. Although some families may wish to take a ferry to certain places. The thing to remember here is that the more extended and more restrictive your travel option, the more difficult it will be to believe it with the kids. 

Therefore if you have a choice between a long haul plane trip and a shorter drive and ferry crossing, going for the latter is often the best choice. After all, if you self-drive, the kids can get comfy and spread out in the car, and you can stop for a break when needed. Something that means you won't all be exhausted before you have even reached your holiday destination. 
Alternatively, it's always possible to combine the travel option of your trip, with the accommodation. Something you can do by hiring an RV and going on a road trip. In fact, such breaks can be particularly exciting for kids as you can stop and visit places and see landscapes along the way. 
Location options 
Finally, another consideration you need to make is where in the world you and your family would like to visit. In fact, the world truly is your oyster! Yes, it can be challenging to navigate long haul flights with younger kids. However, such breaks can be a very educational and horizon-broadening experience for them. 

However, do not forget that there are often some pretty amazing places to visit and holiday closer to home. In fact, visiting Uk counties such as Cumbria and Northumberland are next on our family’s holiday list! 

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