Is It Possible To Make Planning A Wedding Enjoyable?

The moment we decide to get married, many things can happen. First, the emotions and
thoughts hit us like a wave. The beauty of being engaged is amazing, but then when that
dies down, we start considering the practicalities of organizing this wedding.
We feel excited, nervous, and sometimes worried. We might think of our planning
process as something in which everything goes wrong, from top to bottom,
as if we’ve entered some form of slapstick comedy.

Of course, that’s not likely to happen, but with something so important and beautiful in
your life, it’s only human nature to consider how it might all go wrong. With these thoughts
occupying your mind, is it even possible to make the planning of a wedding enjoyable?
Or must you simply cope with the worries, impracticalities and deep fear of the
planning process? Well, thankfully we can say enjoying this is absolutely possible.
You just need to keep some of the following advice in mind:

Don’t Rush It

Give yourself enough time to plan the wedding. Of course, sometimes there are
pressing requirements you might have. For example, your husband might be
heading on a military tour next year, and you both want to marry before then. There’s
absolutely nothing wrong with this. But sometimes, if there’s little time before that
cut-off date, a postponed wedding is often better than one rushed, and one you cannot
enjoy. It’s best not to make yourself frantic trying to get everything together, and flying
by the seat of your pants to find a place or decide on a dress when you only have two
weeks to go. Instead, enjoying the process of planning, such as attending locations,
looking at many dresses and heading for a comforting coffee and chat with your friends
or family is all part of the experience.

Enjoy Your Pre-Wedding Party

A bride-to-be party or ‘hen night’ needn’t be you falling about drunk in the streets of
your nearest city to be enjoyable. You might attend an activity day somewhere or learn
a creative skill, or simply spend time abroad with your nearest and dearest.
Make it something memorable, preferably not completely centered around booze,
and you’ll sure to come back to that you wish to experience.
It can certainly help you blow off steam before heading to proceed with your marriage vows.

Find That You Truly Admire

There’s no reason to book entertainers, caterers and decorations just because those
options are ‘the right thing to do.’ If you don’t enjoy them from the offset, you’re likely
not going to be too enthusiastic about their presence. Instead, it could be best to
utilize options that give you many choices, such as the’s library of
wedding backs you might like to choose. It all matters, and it all has an effect.

With these tips, you are sure to make your planning process more down to Earth,
more relevant for you, and more enjoyable.

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