Sweet As Sugar Pink

This spring I have had a huge colour crush on pink and I've worn it so much that I've completely left out all other colours in my wardrobe! I was going to a friends birthday party and wanted a new dress, but had a very limited budget but I came across this beauty at Asos from Paper Doll Plus at a bargain price of £16!!! As you all know I love colours and I'm not scared of wearing bold colours so the colour just made me love it even more!  Since there is just a little give in the dress I was a bit sceptical to the sizing as I have a big difference between my bust and my waist, but I sized up and chose size 28. And when I got the dress I was so pleasantly surprised as it was as made for me!! It was a perfect fit all over. Normally dresses that fit me perfectly over my bust are too baggy over my tummy, but this is perfect.

The shape of this dress is a classic pencil dress and is so classic and I know I will get so much use of it. Pencil dresses are not normally the style dresses I go for, but seeing this on me now has made me think I might wear it more often. I have a few pencil dresses in my wardrobe already so I will dig them out and start wearing them as well. It has the classic vintage feel to it and where I normally prefer the swing dresses, I should try and wear my pencil dresses more as I love this style too. I was so excited when I received it that I took it straight out of the packet and wore it and took these photos. I could have ironed it before I took the photos, but the even with the wrinkles in the fabric you can see how nice this dress is. It comes with a pretty belt as well. Although this belt is a bit of a bad design as the hook is a bit easy to unhook so the belt falls off all the time. So for future use, I will probably wear another belt with the dress.

I love the wrap around style neckline of this dress and the draping is beautiful. 

The sleeves are a tiny little bit tight around my shoulders, but I think that is more to do with the lining of the dress so I will do a bit of alteration to the lining for a better fit as there is a little bit of stretch to the fabric itself. 

Teamed the beautiful pink colour with a bright purple lip!

 This dress is still available at Asos but is very low in stock, so hurry up and grab yourself a bargain before it's sold out as it's really a nice party dress if you like to be bright and bold.


  1. You look like a retro Barbie doll!

  2. That dress suits you perfectly and I love the color! You look amazing. xx

  3. You look great, as ever! Pink is so lovely on you. xxx

  4. Mookie you delightfully beautiful goddess. I love this colour on you and the cut is gorgeous!

    C x