And so the holiday started....

I'm on holiday inTenerife with Mike. First holiday of the year which is needed since I've been struggling with my depression and anxiety this winter. I'm writing this post on my tablet and despite having the tablet for a couple of years I haven't written much on it and most certainly not a blogpost. I find it very hard and I don't like it much. I find it difficult to text properly due to my nails that are a bit long and my keyboard only like fingers, it's not responsive to nails.

Over to what this post is about. The three first days of my holiday.

Tenerife is so much more than just loads of drunk English and Scandinavian people, typical tourist places and cheap getaway for sun and party. It's actually a very versatile and exciting island with a lot to offer if you go away from the tourist traps.

It's been lovely days despite the weather has been a bit cold and not much sun. They have a heated indoor pool here which is great to use when the weather aren't the best and the outdoor pools are too cold. I love swimming so no holiday without it. We are staying in Golf De Sur which is on the southern tip of Tenerife. Just 10 minutes drive from Los Cristianos and Playa Des Las Americas. It's more of a quiet area here. Mike and I came here in 2010 and we wanted to come back so here we are. I will make a proper travel guide at a later stage when I have my laptop. 

The first day we came We didn't Do much due to tiredness from the early start we had. We just walked around the area, had lunch In a nice little cafĂ© And had a takeaway pizza back Iin the flat before going to bed early. Not much excitement at all. 

The next day it was quite cloudy so from experience we knew that we could just drive above the clouds as the tallest mountain in Spain and the third tallest mountain on  an Iisland is here in Tenerife, Mount Teide. With its 3718 meter above sea level we knew that it would be sunny up there, so we set off on a long, but very beautiful drive. On the way up you can take in some breathtaking scenery of the island and the most magical of all, drive THROUGH the clouds!! We did it last time we came, but it is something worth doing again and it was just as amazing the second time around. 

The drive after you have gone through the clouds are spectacular as you are driving into a Landscape so special, it's like you are on the moon. It kind of looks like a filmset with its spectacular views. It out of this world and is something I can higly recommend doing at one stage. Up above the clouds it was lovely and sunny and warm. Lots of people were out and about since it was bank holiday here yesterday. 

Today again was quite a cloudy day, but we didn't get bored. We had a lovely breakfast on the balcony looking out to sea. My favourite way to start a day. We decided to go to the Monkey Land Which Is a little sanctuary for monkeys just down the road from here. I have to say that I
I'm a person who are in two minds about keeping animals in captivity. But this place is a very lovely environment for endangered species And they are breeding them to save the species. Unlike other zoos you can also get I
into the cages and interact with the animals. It surely was a special experience and for me who love monkeys it was very fun and special to see and feed lemurs, spider monkeys and other monkeys. They also havereptiles and birds here, so it was a great afternoon spent out. 

Tomorrow it is supposed to be a bit better weather so I think we will be spending the day by the pool and in the pool. Before we go home we have many other fun things planned. We are going to a very exciting spa with all kind of new experiences for me from steam pools to stone massages. We are also returning to Mount Teide for a lovely day of walking the ravines and eating a packed lunch. Im also planning to get a new tattoo before I go home, so I guess there will be photo updates in a later post. 

But here are a couple of more collages of the beautiful scenery and animals.

Have you been to Tenerife?

Xxx Mookie


  1. Lovely photos! I'm glad you're having fun. xx

    1. We had a lovely time Leah :) Back to reality now, but still having fun! xx

  2. Pretty sure I road a camel in Tenerife ... and screamed the blue murder the entire way - strange as I ride horses without a second thought!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    C xx

    1. Must have been the humps, Charli ;) Enjoyed it very much, thank you xx

  3. Omg you guys got to pet lemurs, i'm so jealous!

    1. The lemurs were so cute! We also got to pet spider monkeys too. Just amazing! xx